Where to buy your Christmas Tree

Find your perfect Christmas Tree from the following locations

Trinity St Christmas Trees Dorchester

Open 7 days a week until * 8.00 pm

Our main branch offers the complete Christmas experience from cut and rooted trees, tree stands, Christmas lighting, Noble fir and holly wreaths and other festive products. You’ll find the widest selection here.

Monday to Saturday 9 am – 8 pm
Sunday 9 am – 5 pm

*Site closes 5 pm Sundays

Trinity Street
Dorchester (opposite Co-op)

Office: 01305 834760
Email: info@tschristmastrees.co.uk

Trinity St Christmas Trees – Morrisons Weymouth

Open 7 days a week

Monday to Saturday 10 am – 6 pm
Sunday 10 am – 4 pm

Morrisons store
244 Dorchester Road

Tree Buying Guide

It is always best to decide on the area in the house where you wish to place your tree and discuss this with the sales assistant, as this will assist them in helping you to find the perfect Christmas tree.

Please take a look at the variety of trees we offer on our website or ask your sales assistant to explain the benefits of each tree.

Reduced needle drop trees (firs) are significantly better at retaining their needles than spruces, so this may determine your choice.

If you are buying a pot grown tree to plant outside, our assistants can offer you information and advice regarding this. Keep in mind pot grown trees offer a convenient option but are no better for needle retention than cut trees.

Ask your sales assistant to trim the base of the tree and fit the stand, saving you the hassle of doing so once you get home.

Avoid buying trees from DIY stores or anywhere which has Christmas trees left on pallets for long periods as this is a major cause of needle drop.

The most important aspect of buying a tree is to have fun and make it part of your Christmas experience!

We are so confident that our trees are fresh and of the highest quality, that we offer a unique needle retention guarantee on our reduced needle drop varieties: Nordman, Frazier and Noble Fir.

The reason for the reduced needle drop of these varieties is the shape of the socket where the needle meets the branch plus of course the meticulous way we care for our trees.

Occasionally – if trees are in a very warm room, or not watered – trees can still dry out in the home during the festive period but needle retention should be maintained.

In exceptional circumstances (about 1 in 1000 trees), we encounter a rogue tree which goes into “shock”, a well known phenomenon where massive needle drop occurs shortly after taking the tree into the home. In these rare cases we will replace the tree free of charge as part of our needle retention guarantee. If you have any concerns regarding the needle retention of your tree, please speak to us and we will provide a replacement.

Your tree will be netted to make it easy to transport home and your sales assistant will even carry it to your car!

Tree Care

Make sure the tree is in a stand which is watered regularly as your tree needs a Christmas drink too! If you would like the bottom sliced off the base of the tree then please ask your sales assistant. This is to allow the channels to open up (they fill with sap). They can then fit your stand if you wish.

If possible, when you get it home, place the tree in a bucket of water outside for a few days or at least leave it in the garden.

Do not place the tree next to a radiator.

Recycling & Environmental

The 40 million trees grown in the UK take approximately 50,000 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Plastic trees are more damaging to the environment not only from their manufacturing process but they also end up in landfill after only a few years of use.

The trees are grown in managed plantations and an average sized tree takes 7-10 years of growing before harvest, during that time they have not only been taking CO2 from the atmosphere but have also been home to much wildlife. After harvesting, the areas are replanted and the cycle starts over again.

Different councils provide different services for recycling. In Weymouth and Dorchester, the current recommendation is to take your tree to the local refuse centres, where it will be recycled appropriately.

We are delighted to be again working with Weldmar Hospicecare on their Christmas Treecycle fundraiser this year.

You can book a collection for your perfect shaped, locally grown Trinity St. Christmas tree in return for a suggested minimum donation of £10 per tree.

Collections are on from Saturday, 6th to Monday, 8th January. Your tree will be responsibly recycled in an eco-friendly manner.

All you need to do to secure a collection is click here and complete the form below with all of your details and the donation.

Did you know according to the Carbon Trust, a 2m tall real tree has a carbon footprint of 3.5kg of carbon dioxide, if it is disposed of by chipping or burnt.

Whilst a 2m artificial tree has a carbon footprint more than 10 times higher at 40kg of carbon dioxide.

(Source: www.carbontrust.com)